Arcgis License Server Administrator 10.3

Hal yang perlu saya pertegas di sini adalah, cara ini hanya akan berhasil JIKA setelah proses instalasi License Server Administrator ArcGIS, license server status: HARUS dalam kondisi RUNNING seperti terlihat pada Gambar 2. Jika setelah instalasi ternyata didapati pada kondisi seperti Gambar 1, maka kemungkinan besar cara ini tidak akan berhasil. Administrator (Start All programs ArcGIS License Manager License Server Administrator). In the ArcGIS License Server Administrator, click ZAuthorization in the frame on the left, choose 10.1-10.3 in the version dropdown list and click ZAuthorize Now. If you have an earlier version of the license administrator installed, it must be upgraded to version 10.3 (or later) before you can configure ArcGIS Pro licenses. After installing, open ArcGIS License Server Administrator and click Machine IDs. The ArcGIS License Manager provides you with the ability to choose where you want to install the license manager. On Windows, the default installation location is C: Program Files ArcGIS License10.3. On UNIX and Linux, the default installation location is $HOME/arcgis/license10.3.

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Thebasic steps involved in the installation of the ArcGIS 10.3 desktop and itslicense manager are instructed as follows: (we assume that you already have thecrack and back-up for installation). Hey, don’t worry you can download the ArcGIS10.3 at
(Note: Some computers may require theirantivirus software being disabled during the time of installation but some maynot. Risk at your own)
ØBefore you begin Installing ArcGIS 10.3, you shoulduninstall any old version of ArcGIS components and license manager from yourPC. For easiness you can use RevoUnistaller software to uninstall thelicense manager for ArcGIS and then you can uninstall ArcGIS. The use of RevoUnistaller s/wis important because you need to clear old registry files, temporary files oflicense manager and ArcGIS. Otherwise, it may create problems later on in setupprocedure of ARCGIS.
ØWhen you download, you have a file Arcgis10.3 with .3 typeextension. That’s however has lost its extension. So rename this file asArcGIS10.3.rar and then use Winrar to extract it. After extracting you getthree folders namely ArcGIS 10.3 :ArcGIS 10.3 Crack, ArcGIS 10.3 Installer, LicenseManager.
ØRun Setup.exe found inside ArcGIS 10.3 Installer. Wait for the installation to complete. Afterinstallation is complete, ArcGIS Administration may open, leave it for now. Donot do anything on it just cancel it.
ØThen install License Manager. Double click Setup.exe foundin LicenseManager (inyour back up folder). Wait for the installation to complete. Now we head towardcracking the license. Before you do that, first of all make sure the licensescurrently are stopped.
ØFor that, go to start, type License Server Administrator insearch and click it to open. In the LSAdmin window under ArcGIS/Start/StopLicense Service, click the Stop button to stop the services. Then UnderDiagnostics. Click diagnose. You should see License Status: not running.

Arcgis License Server Administrator 10.3 Crack

ØOk if alright. Go to ArcGIS 10.3ArcGIS 10.3 CrackProgramFiles (x86)ArcGISLicense10.3bin (backup folder). Find theservice.txt file there. Edit this service.txt file for configuring licenses foryour PC. In the file change the name of the server to your computername.(CHANGE only the red one as shown below to your computer name…. you cancopy your computer name from your computer properties, but this name may notwork sometime (for that you can use localhost as your server name)
ØSave this file and then copy and this file and paste it in “C:ProgramFiles(X86)ArcGISLicense 10.3bin”.
ØCopy ArcGIS.exe file from the same folder ArcGIS 10.3ArcGIS 10.3 CrackProgram Files(x86)ArcGISLicense10.3bin and paste to C:ProgramFiles(X86)ArcGISLicense 10.3bin
ØCopy AfCore.dll file from the same folder ArcGIS 10.3ArcGIS 10.3 CrackProgram Files(x86)ArcGISDesktop10.3bin and paste to C:Program Files(X86)ArcGISDesktop 10.3bin
ØOpen the License server Administrator. Go to start/stoplicense server. Click Start and then go to Diagnostics and click diagnose. Itmust say testing licenses done.

Arcgis License Server Administrator 10.3 Free

ØThen, Open ArcGIS Administration. Click on Desktop chooseAdvanced(Arcinfo) Concurrent use) and on license manager tab give your computername or localhost (any one may work).
ØNow you are ready to play with ArcGIS. Start Arcmap fromStart menu.
Still ifyou have any problems regarding the installation of ArcGIS 10.3, please feelfree to mail me at [email protected]. Hope,I will be back with the latest version of GIS s/w. But friends I suggest all to give priorityto use open source software Quantum GIS. Thank you for your precious time.

Arcgis License Server Administrator 10.3 Download