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MW2 - Project Orion COD4 - Ghost Patch Legacy Update #5. Mw2 - CFG Loader V2 COD4 - YardSaleV7. Download GAME DATA: COD 4:BLES00148 GHOST PATCH update 5. The config is in your steam folder (Steam-Steamapps-cmon-MW2-Players) - Configmp.cfg is responsible for the multiplayer - You should open it with word and then save it as cfg-file again;.txt-files can be easily converted to.cfg-files by re-naming or re-saving them. The Walking Dead Episodes 1 2 3 4 5 PC full Game ^^nosTEAM^^.exe.rar.

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so guys the days here we are going to be giving free mods for these games:

Cod 4 (4 menus)more menus to come
Mw2 (20 menus)more menus to come
BO1 (2 menus) more menus to come
GTA V (coming soon) almost finished my first usb GTA V menu !!!!
We are aiming to update this menu page weekly with new menus for you guys & girls to enjoy
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and thats right NO JAILBREAK needed !!!!
COD 4 mod menu list (CFG)
(Purple Kush v4)
1. Insert your USB into your computer.
2. Make a new folder in the root of your USB called 'PS3' .
3. Open up the folder called 'PS3'.
4. Make a new folder called 'SAVEDATA' inside of the 'PS3' folder.
5. Open up the 'SAVEDATA' folder.
6. Drag -your region- into the 'SAVEDATA' folder.
7. Go to the root of your USB.
8. Open up 'the menu you choose' folder.
9. Drag 'ModMenus'(With the contents inside), 'MPMods', and 'SPMods' into the root of your USB.
10. Eject your USB and plug it into the RIGHT slot of your PS3.
11. Go to 'Save Data Utility'.
12. Go down one and it should say 'USB Device (Your USB Name)'.
13. Click into your USB Device.
14. Press triangle and copy it to your ps3.
15. Start World At War.
these controls work for most [email protected] menu
Mod menu select = SELECT
Choose menu = SQUARE
Open menu = UP D-PAD
Exit menu = SELECT
Select new menu = DOWN D-PAD THEN UP D-PAD
(EliteMossy v3 BETA) - multiplayer only
(Project evo v3) - multiplayer only
(Smoke da weed) - multiplayer only
more to come for [email protected]
quick steps to install your menus (make sure usb is empty)
Step2. choose your menu from the list bellow
Step4. open with winrar
Step5. copy both items onto root of your usb (not the read me file)
Step7. join a CFG infection lobby (LJ_Modding_Team i host for my subs)
Step9. enable ps3 unlocks (in game setup)
Step10. launch game and press [select] on your control to activate CFG.file
Step12. go online
(Alteration usb menu)
(Sequence v1.7)
(Motion flex v1)
(MadGamers v9) (has its own CFG lobby in map select)
(Project Goodbye)
(Logic v1) (first multi menu has more than one mod menu inside)
(White noise)
(TrovBDM v1)
(Unicoon v2.1)
(eclipse v2)
(Grean Fantasy v2) (BETA)
MW3 mod menu list (usb)
-connect to ps3
Dark mountain v1 - (download)
Game save editor - (download)
Multiplayer mod menu - (download)
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I've seen that Faramir made a list from all the mods on BO, I thought that it would also be handy to have this for MW2.
I placed downloads for all mods and all sections, but don't download them without thank the maker of it okay???
always watch the thread of the mod for more information
Here is the list:
MW2 Mods
newest ones
oldest ones

Zombie Mods
Rotu1.1 ALPHA BETA (By Se7en & Rendflex)
OMA Zombie Mod Beta (By Yamato)
Quaratine Chaos Zombie Mod v3.1 + Smart Bots (By ddaavvee)
Quaratine Chaos Zombie Mod v5.0 (By ARES clan, posted by ddaavvee)
Chaotic Invasion Zombie Mod V2 (By Rendflex & Yamato)
Chaotic Invasion Zombie Mod (By Yamato & Rendflex)
AIZombies - My Version! (edit by barata)
MoD AIZombies (AlterIWNet version) (edit by The_Marck_One)
Quarantine Chaos Zombie Mod 4.5 (by Killingdyl, edited and posted by fallky)
Granny's Zombies 1.5b (The Last Update) (By 4FunPlayin)
Quarantine Chaos Zombie Mod v2.5 (By Killingdyl modded by Adaragas, edited by Realtec)
Quarantine Chaos Zombie Mod V2 (By killingdyl, edited by iZ3r0 and posted by d0h!)
Zombie Mod [zmod] (By by DoZzeR, help from Carentan Killer and posted by d0h!)
Nemesis v2.0 (Met PL, pyromanic5 Co-Credits: 4Funplayin, Killingdyl, {MW2U}Mathieu, Nukem, Goldenknife, AZUMIKKEL, Tribulex&d0H, posted by d0h!)
Granny's Zombies (By 4FunPlayin, posted by d0h!)
No Hope: AI Zombies [Bots] (By d0h!, RowanFTBL, GoldenKnife, Tribulex, Nukem aka b0mber21)
No Hope Zombies 3.0 (By iZ3RO, posted by d0h!)
Zombie.rar (Size: 2.01 MB / Downloads: 4,484)
GunGame with doors (By Mathdu91)
Smiles GunGame v2 (By _Smile_Man_)
Smiles GunGame v1 (By _Smile_Man_)
Team GunGame (By alteriwnet modders, posted by ddaavvee)
Gun Game (another one) (By -Az-, Banana and posted by d0h!)
Gungame V1 + V2 (By Azumikkel, 2 edited versions by dunno and GHOST [DS], Posted by d0h!)
GunGame.rar (Size: 151.45 KB / Downloads: 2,643)
QS & Sniper Mods
{Mod Quickscope-Lobby (By Mathdu91)}
EpicSniperMod (By Yamato)
QS Mod by GeKKo v 6.5 with Custom Maps (By GeKKoFL0X)
Sniper Mod: AccScoutzknivez (Probably by agent god, posted by d0h!)
NoScopeMod (By AZUMIKKEL, posted by d0h!)
H4RDC0R3's Sniper Mod (By H4RDC0R3, posted by d0h!)
Lucky numbers and Quickscope Mod (By novakane, edited by freeway, posted by d0h!)
QS & Sniper.rar (Size: 204.69 KB / Downloads: 2,846)
VIP Mods & Mod-menus
MOSSY v9.12 Re-edit by BloKK187 (By Elite Mossy, Re-edit by BloKK187)
Ultimate Mossy v9 (By Elite Mossy, posted by ddaavvee)
Admin mouse menu (By met94)
Vip Mod (By Gladio & iZero)
Grief Mod (Posted by Bloopbloop, Maker is unknown)
GodlyModz V4 (By GodlyModz, posted by d0h!)
MW2 Ultimate Admin System v3 (By ZerO (iZ3RO) & d0h!)
HaVoC UnDeaD mod V6 (By HaVoC, posted by d0h!)
VIP & menus.rar (Size: 466.4 KB / Downloads: 3,888)
Flyable and Drivable Mods
Tank Killstreak (By Yamato)
Chopper Gunner (By Yamato)
Drivable Cars Mod (By Yamato)
Bumpers Car Mod (By Yamato & Killingdyl)
Water Roller Coaster (By Yamato)
other Tank Killstreak (also By Yamato)
Flyable Jet (By 4FunPlayin, posted by d0h!)
Flyable Helicopter (By MetPL, posted by d0h!)
Flyable & Drivable.rar (Size: 133.17 KB / Downloads: 2,046)
Prestige mods, unlock everything, ...
10th prestige // 70 lobby // unlock everything (By d0h!)
prestige 10th mod + more (By xI cHOcOLaTe, posted by d0h!)
Mike Myers and knife mods
Knifing Mod (Ballistic knife) (By Yamato)
mike myers v3 (Posted by nickdiesel10, no credits from creator)
mike myers v2 (Posted by nickdiesel10, no credits from creator)
Michael Myers Mod (By iGhost)
Fun Knifing Lobby (By iGhost)
MM & Knife.rar (Size: 189.33 KB / Downloads: 1,408)
RTD & Mods like in Black Ops
For GunGame watch in Gungame list
Roll The Dice 4 (By AZUMIKKEL, posted by Bloopbloop)
Sharpshooter (By d0h!, -Az-, Banana, PhantomGamers)
Black Ops Mod (By master131, posted by d0h!)
One In The Chamber Mod (By d0h!, -Az-, Banana)
RTD & BO MODS.rar (Size: 158.95 KB / Downloads: 1,447)
Team Vs other team Mods
Bounty Hunter (By NeckTop)
GDF vs Robots (By 4FunPlayin, mathieutje12, Lost4468, master131)
CSS: Jail Break OutPatch (By d0h!, {MW2U}Mathieu & TPC Lt.Homer)
Aliens vs Predator v2 (By AZUMIKKEL, posted by d0h!)
Juggernaught Mod 2.0 (By iGhost, posted by d0h!)
Juggernaught Mod (By iGhost, posted by d0h!)
Prop Hunt by zxz [Hide&Seek] (By zxz, posted by d0h!)
TvsT mods.rar (Size: 256.67 KB / Downloads: 1,466)
Other Mods
ProMod v3.2 pub + war (by Heinrich1980, tehwhynot, P.Ness, ScareD, Zalew, iNuke, dekart811, lmaobox, iAegle and the cod4 Promodlive dev Team) (not yet added to downl)
[V5] MW3 Mod for aIW With MW3 ANNOUNCER FILES (by mans123) (not yet added to download)
!LaserTag! (by ScHmIdTy56789) (not yet added to downl)
Preditor Killstreaks (by Puffiamo) (not added to download!)

MW3 Team defender for MW2 (by Jadjkorn64) (not added to download!)

xTreme 1887 Mini-Mod (By BloKK187)
Hexer Mod v2 (By Lemon)
MW2 Campaign CO-OP (By Rendflex)
CraZy-JaV3L!N (updated) (By GeKKo, posted by BloKK187)
R_bullets (By _Smile_Man_)
Hijack sentry guns (By ownedtom, posted by iAegel)
Retarded(Smarter)Enemys (Posted by ddaavvee)
SPAS CHAOS (By eliteCVDelite)
MW2 Old School v0.2 (By iAegle)
Crazy Mod RELEASE! DixiHD (By DixiHD)
Lolz mod modded server (By Fallky)
Random Weapon v2.5 (By GeKKoFL0X)
PubFun & MapEdit (By Gladio)
Battle-Ship Mod v2.1 (By Cgallagher)
The Pack! (By TheSaboteur, all his non-finished mods)
Realism Mod V2 (By AgentGod, posted by d0h!)
1887Akimbo (By AZUMIKKEL, posted by d0h!)
ac130 madness (By Ghost, posted by d0h!)
Counter-Strike: Warfare

Cfg Patch Mw2 Download Free

(By AZUMIKKEL, posted by d0h!)
Custom Killstreaks (By AZUMIKKEL, posted by d0h!)
Halo 3 Mod (By iGhost, posted by d0h!)
Gold Desert Eagle Mod

Cfg Patch Mw2 Download Torrent

(By ~Legic, posted by d0h!)
others.rar (Size: 1.78 MB / Downloads: 1,646)
Download all mods (thank the creator of the mods and watch to the threads):

allitsmodsmw2.rar (Size: 5.4 MB / Downloads: 4,369)

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