Command And Conquer Renegade Download Mac

  • Renegade X: Preliminary Notes 5.48.131


      'Welcome Back Commander'

      This patch includes a fix for the MRLS curvy rockets, a few bug fixes, including a fix for helipad build time, fixes for some AFK kicker issues and adding a beacon limit for each player.


      • Pedestal is now enabled by default
      • Added a 90 second cooldown on voting a player as commander if they decline

      Bug Fixes / Changes

      • Fixed some issues with AFK kicker kicking active players
      • Fixed extremely long build time on Helipads if your Air/WF is dead
      • Fixed EMP grenades being able to disarm mines of former team if swapped teams before it detonated
      • Fixed name change error message popping up every name change
      • Fixed Scrin Abduction beam staying forever
      • Fixed Obelisk not showing impact effect on infantry, which was confusing because the Obelisk has splash damage
      • Disabled some of the wackier crates; mega speed, disable base power and kamikaze
      • Self destruction of Harvester will no longer give VP to team if no enemy has hit it recently


      • Commander
        • MiG 35 / A10
          • Harder/basically impossible to shoot down commander planes
        • Radar Scan
          • Added slight delay from cast time to usage
          • Price increased from 100 -> 150
      • Weapons
        • Tiberium Auto Rifle (Epic Char version)
          • Increased spread and recoil slightly
          • Reduced clip size from 30 -> 20
          • Reduced splash damage from 200 -> 175
        • Super Weapons
          • Player's now have a personal limit of 1 deployed beacon
        • AT Mine
          • Will no longer despawn when you die
        • Weapons from Crates
          • Removed all weapons except sidearms and grenades
        • MRLS
          • Unguided rockets (no lock on or right click) will now lose their tracking power after half a second
        • Chemical Thrower/Flamethrower
          • Halved the amount of reserve ammo to match the longevity of GDI infantry weapon ammo of similar tiers

      User Interface

      • Changed AFK warning message from message in top left to admin popup message
      • Fixed some spacing in Bounty messages
      • Slightly adjusted tech building icons on overview map

      Visuals / Audio

      • Disabled mine disarm sound if you are disarming friendly mine
      • Fixed BH Buggy and APC having red camo on turret
      • Added heroic effects to Tiberium Auto Rifle (Epic Char version)


      Fixed buildings floating on several maps

      • Arctic Stronghold
        • Fixed a spot next to EMP Cannon that would allow Artillery to hit buildings unfairly
        • Fixed tanks being able to climb rock near Nod Bridge
      • Crash Site
        • Fixed an infantry stuck spot
        • Fixed GDI Harvester getting stuck
      • Eyes
        • Updated map lower player limit from 30 to 50
        • Fixed stuck spot in Tiberium cave
        • Fixed Tiberium damage volume not covering the entire Tiberium cave field
        • Fixed B2B sniper spot near GDI base
      • Forest
        • Reworked pipeline
        • Changed Nod base design
        • Changed endgame cam path
        • Updated minimap
        • Fixed out of map spot behind GDI Repair Facility
      • Goldrush
        • Fixed a spot near the factory that would allow Artillery to hit buildings unfairly
      • Outpost
        • Updated map lower player limit from 30 to 50
      • Toxicity
        • Removed
      • Uphill
        • Fixed a crate that would spawn vehicles under the map
      • Walls
        • Tiberium damage volumes are more accurate now
        • Fixed B2B spot near Airstrip
        • Optimizations to reduce file size
      • XMountain
        • Blocked a sniper sightline from top of silo to GDI bunker entrance
        • Blocked vehicles from getting on some rocks
        • Fixed infantry being able to jump on top of rocks between upper and lower path
        • Added decoration in the small bunkers
        • Reverted some changes that were implemented to fix MRLS curving spots


      • Server FPS monitor logging changed from every 10 seconds to 60
      • Changed default config for recent map count to exclude from map vote list from 8 -> 4


      • Cleaned up many HUD classes
      • Made modding easier for HUD related things and team colours
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    DevTalk #5: Live Q&A & Alpha Gameplay

      Greetings community, today I am pleased to announce DevTalk #5, which will take place on our YouTube channel, as a livestream. We will be doing a live Q&A with the community while playing Firestorm in one of our Closed Alpha tests. We are excited to be able to bring you live gameplay of Firestorm, and to answer your questions in real time.

      Question submissions will be open once the stream starts. You can submit your question by writing in the live chat on the stream, or by writing a message in the Renegade Birthday Discord, in the #submit-questions channel.

      The stream will start at 5PM GMT (11AM CST) on Sunday, February 28th, 2021, and will last for 2 hours. You can view the calendar event to see what time it will take place in your timezone.

      A huge thanks to nudelsalat for streaming the DevTalk and working with us!

      Hope to see you there!

      Community Manager

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    Renegade X: Patch 5.471

      'Welcome Back Commander'

      After it being a mutator for a couple of months on our official servers, Patch 5.471 implements the Bounty System into the base game! You'll be able gain credits if you're able to eliminate the bounty. Watch out, they're deadly armed!

      This patch also includes multiple major fixes for bugs like the teleporting death camera issue and the looping Jukebox issue. A few maps were removed from rotation, in accordance with the community map feedback poll.


      • Implemented the Bounty system into the base game
      • Added the ability to disable the purchase terminal scene. It's enabled by default, but can be disabled in the options interface menu

      Bug Fixes

      • Fixed having to apply the FOV command twice to change the FOV
      • Fixed the In-game Jukebox keep looping on a certain track
      • Fixed being able to pick up an ammo box if you had a Repair Tool in your inventory
      • Fixed the superweapons not doing any damage to destroyable objects
      • Fixed kill cam teleporting camera
      • Fixed the C-130 spawning at the wrong time after the Harvester gets dropped
      • Fixed an issue where you would get double the amount of VP when you would steal a vehicle


      • Helipad
        • Turned to a significant structure; Is now required to be destroyed to win the match
      • Commander Support Powers
        • Added a limit of 3 EMP Strikes and 3 Smoke Strikes able to be cast at the same time
      • Random Weapon Crate
        • Removed the Automatic Rifle
        • Removed the Smoke Grenade
        • Altered the Flamethrower to a new crate variant
        • Altered the Marksman Rifle to a new crate variant
      • Vehicles
        • Recon Bike
          • Adjusted the projectiles to be easier to use
      • Weapons
        • Grenades
          • Grenades now damages the thrower

      User Interface

      • Added a directional FOV indicator for the player on the Overview Map Menu

      Visuals / Audio

      • Weapons
        • Sniper Rifle:Now uses a green lense instead of a red one
        • Railgun:Now uses the default skin
      • Characters
        • Upscaled the Soldier, Shotgunner / Marksman, Grenadier, Officer, Rocket Soldier and McFarland textures to 2K
      • Added UI Elements for the Helipad to the HUD, the Scoreboard and the Overview menu
      • Adapted some HUD elements for the Bounty System
      • Added DumpAudioLog command to help with debugging sound bug
      • Hide Harvester Waypoint if not commander and Harvester not stopped
      • Remote C4, Timed C4 and Proximity Mines are removed from the player's back when the ammo is 0


      • Arctic Stronghold
        • Raised up Adv. Guard Tower a bit to allow it to hit Nod vehicles in the Tiberium Field
        • Increased the range of the Adv. Guard Tower from 1.0 to 1.15
        • Fixed a stuck spot near the Refinery
      • Canyon
        • Fixed a stuck spot
      • Crash Site
        • Increased the Airstrike cooldown from 30 to 70 seconds
      • Eyes
        • Fixed the map having pitch black spots scattered around the map
        • Fixed a stuck spot at the Nod bunker near the Tiberium cave
      • Field
        • Fixed the MRLSbeing able to shoot the Nod Refinery from the GDI Tiberium Field
        • Blocked off the MRLSbeing able to climb on the Silo
        • Fixed the MRLSfrom hitting the Hand of Nod from behind the Nod bunker
        • Blocked off the MRLSfrom getting into a curving position near the Nod bunker and Silo
        • Fixed a stuck spot
        • Increased Airstrike Cooldown from 45 to 75 seconds
        • Fixed out of map spot
      • Field X
        • Fixed the map having pitch black spots scattered around the map
        • Fixed the MRLSbeing able to get on top of trees on the long vehicle route
        • Blocked off tanks getting on the rocks near the Communications Centre
        • Blocked off MRLSshooting the Hand of Nod from the bridge near the Communications Centre
        • Blocked off a missile curving spot near the waterfall
        • Blocked off MRLSfrom shooting the Refineryfrom the GDI Tiberium Field
      • Forest
        • Optimization pass
        • Fixed the map having pitch black spots scattered around the map
        • Added Repair Facility to both teams
        • Blocked off GDI from attacking the Nod base / Harvester from the pipeline
        • Updated the minimap
        • Fixed MRLS curving spot
      • Goldrush
        • Fixed the MRLScurving the missiles over the Nod base wall
      • Islands
        • Fixed the Harvesterstopping at a certain moment
      • Islands X
        • Fixed the Harvesterstopping at a certain moment
      • Lakeside
        • Slightly adjusted the position of the Anti-Air Towernext to the Helipad
      • Mesa
        • Added the Silo in the minimap
      • Reservoir
        • Blocked off the MRLSfrom getting on top of rocks near the Silo
        • Removed damage from barbed wires on Barracks
        • Fixed spot for MRLS curving into Nod base
      • Tunnels
        • Map has been polished and decreased in file size
      • Under
        • Fixed being able to hide inside a rock behind the Refinery
      • Volcano
        • Fixed the Harvester dumping its Tiberium in the middle of the GDI base
      • Whiteout
        • Hard blocked the rocks in the back of the Nod base due to cheap collisions (especially behind the Power Plant)
      • XMountain
        • Fixed being able to shoot over the GDI Infantry Path with an Artilleryand hit the Refinery
        • Fixed multiple MRLSspots between the Barracksand Weapons Factory
        • Increased the airstrike cooldown from 30 to 65 seconds
        • Raised the height of both bunkers on the infantry path
        • Added more infantry flanking options in the field


      • Added an FPS monitor for servers
      • Added bSteamAutoAuthAdmins config variable (default: False) to `Rx_AccessControl` to facilitate automatic authentication using game authentication list
      • Added new RCON command
  1. Command And Conquer Renegade Download Mac Free
  2. Command And Conquer Renegade Download Mac Download
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Command And Conquer Renegade Download Mac

Command & Conquer Renegade Free Download Full Version And Highly Compressed PC Game. Download Crack And Game In Direct Download Links For Windows.

The latest version of Command and Conquer 3 is 1.0 on Mac Informer. It is a perfect match for Action in the Games category. The app is developed by ElectronicArts and its user rating is 5 out of 5.

About This C&C Renegade Game
Command and conquer renegade download mac download

Genre : Action, FPS, Shooting
Platform : PC
Language : English, Multi 2
Size : 1.02 GB
Release Date : 26 February, 2002
Languages : English, Russian

Introduction Of Command & Conquer Renegade PC Game

Command And Conquer Renegade PC Game Is A Different Game In The Command & Conquer Series. This Game Comes With A Complete New Game Play Which Was Different From Previous Games. This Game Was Developed From A Famous Developer House Of Westwood Studios. This House Have Developed Many C&C Games Which Stood Top In The Gaming History. This Game Was Published Under The Top Banner Of Electronic Arts. Electronic Arts Have Published Super Hit Game Series Like Plants Vs Zombies, Mass Effect And Many More. 26 February, 2002 Was The Release Date For This Command And Conquer Game. Command & Conquer Yuri’s Revenge PC Game Is The Previous Game In This Command And Conquer Super Hit Series.

Command And Conquer Renegade Game Overview

First And Third Person Shooter In This Command And Conquer Renegade PC Game. New Story Line Along With New Characters Would Play As Key Roles In This Action Game. Open World Exploration As Well As New Missions Would Create Great Interest To The Players. Attractive Visuals In Addition To Cool Graphics Would Present The Game In Best Quality. Thrilling Game Sounds Coupled With Superb Sound Tracks Would Be Outstanding. You Can Also Play Against Other Players In The Multiplayer Maps Through Online Multiplayer Game. Choose One From Two Large Groups And Fight Against Opponents In The Real Time Strategic Battles. Command & Conquer Generals PC Game Is The Next Game In This Block Buster Series Of Command And Conquer.

Story Of Command & Conquer Renegade

Command & Conquer Renegade Free Download PC Game Is An Action Game. The Gamer Would Play As Captain Nick Who Is A GDI Commando In The Game Play. He Has To Rescue 3 Kidnapped Tiberium Research Scientists From The Terrorists Group. You Have To Enter Enemy Regions Silently For The Purpose Of Killing Enemies In The Action Combats. The Player Should Use His Powerful Weapons And Shooting Skills In The Battles. He Has To Complete Each Mission Successfully In Order To Unlock The Next One In Game Process. You Have To Stop The Terrorists Activities Through Destroying Their Plans. The Outcome Of Total War Depends On Your Decisions In The Challenging Missions. Another Best Seller In This C&C Series Is None Other Than Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 PC Game.

New Missions In This Command & Conquer Renegade Free Download PC Game. You Have To Complete New Missions Which Have Their Own Objectives And Targets In The Game Play. The Player Should Escape From Enemy Attacks Using Clever Moves Or Quick Actions. He Can Switch Between Third Person And First Person View According To His Play Style. You Have To Complete 3 Types Of Missions In Order To Reach The Final Target. The Gamer Can Drive Some Vehicles For The Purpose Of Moving Forward In The Locations. He Has To Unlock New Weapons Through Completing Each Mission With High Scores. You Have To Save All The Scientists Through Surviving Till The End In Game Story. You Can Also Download Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 PC Game From Our Website.

Command And Conquer Renegade PC Game Features

You Can Experience Some Features After Installing Command & Conquer Renegade Free Download PC Game On Your Computer.

  • New Environments And Unseen Locations.
  • An Action Game For The First Time In Series.
  • Play As Captain Nick, An Experienced Commando.
  • Rescue 3 Scientists From The Terrorists Hands.
  • Explore The Locations On Foot Or By Vehicles.
  • Shoot The Incoming Enemies Using Powerful Weapons.
  • Complete Each Mission For Unlocking Next One.
  • Destroy The Enemy Plans Through Completing Missions.
  • Escape From All Dangers Using Clever Moves In Locations.
  • Switch Between Third Person And First Person View.
  • Complete 3 Types Of Missions For Reaching Final Target.
  • Unlock New Weapons And Equipment In The Game Process.
  • Play With Other Players In The Online Multiplayer.
  • Involve In Real Time Strategic Battles With Others.
  • Command & Conquer 3 Kane’s Wrath Game Is An Award Winning Game.
  • Attractive Visuals Possible Through Cool Graphics.
  • Thrilling Game Sounds With Superb Sound Tracks.
System Requirements For Command And Conquer Renegade

Command And Conquer Renegade Download Mac Free

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Processor: INTEL 2 GHz Dual Core
RAM: 1.5 GB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0c
Hard Drive: 1.5 GB free

Recommended System Requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Processor: INTEL 2.6 GHz Dual Core
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0c
Hard Drive: 1.5 GB free

Command & Conquer Renegade Free Download Cracked Game

Command And Conquer Renegade Download Mac Download

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