Cpanel License Activation

  1. WHMCS Bridge is a plugin that integrates the powerful WHMCS support and billing software with WordPress.
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The WHMCS Bridge plugin integrates your WHMCS support and billing software into WordPress providing a seamless and consistent user experience to your customers.

Thanks to the theme inheritance feature, you don’t need to style your WHMCS installation anymore, the integration ensures that your WHMCS installation looks and feels like your WordPress site.

Full installation video (incl. Pro, SSL, WHMCS addon and caching)

Our Pro version additionally offers:

  • Caching: Supercharge your bridge with caching up to 30 days all parsed CSS and JS files to speed up loading time and reduce resource usage.

  • Support for WHMCS MarketConnect: Full support for WHMCS MarketConnect allowing you to quickly and seamlessly re-sell products via WHMCS (via WordPress) using WHMCS MarketPlace.

  • Support for Sign-in Integrationss: Upgrade and support Google oAuth and Facebook Login (Twitter not supported)

  • Support for WHMCS Friendly URLs: Upgrade and support WHMCS “Full Friendly Rewrite” instead of “Basic URLs”

  • Pretty permalinks: display links like http://www.mysite.tld/clientarea/ rather than http://www.mysite.tld/?ccce=clientarea. Also supports knowledgebase, announcement and download links.

  • SEO Titles: Each Bridge page has it’s correct title tag from your WHMCS installation.

  • Custom Templates: Use any template you like, including custom templates.

  • Enhanced visual integration: using cross-domain messaging for a smoother visual integration

  • Single sign on: thanks to the single sign-on feature, your customers can sign in once on your site and comment on your blog postings, share information with their peers, order hosting plans and pay their bills.

  • Multi-lingual WHMCS support: fully integrated with qtranslate & WPML

  • IP address resolution ‘patch’: shows your customer’s IP address instead of your server’s IP address during sign up

  • Choose your WHMCS portal:fully compatible with the WHMCS ‘six’ responsive template

  • Shortcodes: use WordPress shortcodes on your pages to integrate WHMCS pages

Thanks to the single sign-on feature (WHMCS Bridge Pro plugin), your customers can sign in once on your site and comment on your blog postings, share information with their peers, order hosting plans and pay their bills.

Cpanel License Activation


Full installation video (incl. Pro, SSL, WHMCS addon and caching)

  1. Upload the whmcs-bridge folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to the WHMCS Bridge settings menu and configure the plugin options.
  4. Install the plugin by clicking the Install button. This will create a new page titled WHMCS through which you can access the client portal of WHMCS.
  5. Activate the sidebar widget if you want the sidebar navigation
  6. When using WHMCS 7.2.x and higher use Basic URLs in WHMCS Admin > General Settings > Friendly URLs

Cpanel License Activation Online

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Cpanel License Activation Key

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Cpanel License Activation Registration

Is there a customization without a pro version? As of current non pro version, I was not able to change the themes on the link with WHMCS-Bridge, but on WHMCS itself was able to change.Is there any support I can get if go pro version of WHMCS-Bridge?