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See full list on Download Flash Games and Play Them Offline: This guide will teach you how to play online games offline. Why you would want to do this: The offline game works with fullscreen. You can have a big collection. You can play them offline.recommended.Highly recommended You need: A computer (w. Aug 21, 2020 How to Save Flash Games from a Website. There are several ways to download and play Flash games offline, the easiest being trying to find the game you want using Flashpoint. Flashpoint is a flash preservation project meant to find, catalog, and preserve flash animations, webpages, and games as a sort of cultural record. May 10, 2019 How to Download Flash Games to Play on Your Desktop The best thing you can do to download flash game is to use the Flashpoint preservation project. With this, you can download a tool that can then be used to install and play currently preserved games. The list of preserved games is ever expanding, and right now there is over 100GB of flash games. In this one offline games app you can play many different type of Instant games from sports to skill games, we have lot of mini games to support every mood for card games lovers we offer games like Solitaire king, Sudoku, Ludo night,zoo cruch, 4 Colors and, Star Citizen Air War, Speed Club Nitro, Pipe Water, Puzzle animal and many more.

WelcomeGames BlueMaxima's Flashpoint is a webgame preservation project.
Internet history and culture is important, and content made on web platforms including, but not limited to Adobe Flash, make up a significant portion of that culture. This project is dedicated to preserving as many experiences from these platforms as possible, so that they aren't lost to time. Since early 2018, Flashpoint has saved more than 70,000 games and 8,000 animations running on 20 different platforms.Play
Flashpoint was started in January 2018 by BlueMaxima in an attempt to outrun the disappearance of content prior to the death of Flash. It has since evolved into an international project involving over 100 community contributors, encompassing both webgames and animations created for numerous internet plugins, frameworks, and standards. Flashpoint utilizes a strong selection of open-source software. By combining the power of Apache, a custom-built launcher, and our own application called the Flashpoint Secure Player, we can play web-based media in a quick, user-friendly environment without leaving permanent changes or security holes on your computer.
We offer two versions of the software; Ultimate, which contains every piece of media in an offline ready format, and Infinity, a smaller distribution that allows you to download and play content at will. Both versions are unaffected by the end of support for Flash and other plugins.


This project is and will always be entirely non-profit, to preserve the sense of community and sharing that came with Flash and its ilk. To learn more about Flashpoint, refer to the sidebar on the left of the page.

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