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Current streaming champion, Kodi started its journey as a software for Xbox. It was known as Xbox Media Centre (XBMC) in 2002. And later due to its performance and adaptability with lots of platforms, it has evolved into the strongest media player. For those who are unheard of Kodi, its a media player capable of playing most of the media content from your device and also from the internet.

Over the time, Kodi gained a lot of popularity due to the functions of its add-ons. They are additional programs added to kodi for streaming from external sources. There are hundreds of addons available for kodi. Depending upon your need you can choose and install any addons.

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Installing Kodi on Xbox One and Xbox 360 is a piece of cake. It is as simple as installing an app on your android phone. Even the method is so similar. On the other hand, when it comes to Firestick, we need to sideload Kodi on Firestick as referred in

Download Mr Network Repo Kodi

How to install kodi on Xbox one/Xbox 360

  1. Navigate to store on your Xbox One.
  2. Search for Kodi.
  3. Select Kodi from the list.
  4. Select Install
  5. The installation process may take a few seconds.
  6. Launch kodi after installation.
  7. Welcome to kodi, the world of streaming !!

These are some simple steps to install Kodi on Xbox One or Xbox 360. Likewise, we can also install Kodi on Mobdro to stream seamless content throughout the week.

Restrictions of Kodi on Xbox one

Being the most used media player, Kodi still has a long way to go. It has some flaws/restrictions on various platforms. The devs are still working on it. We can expect a lot of future updates from Kodi. It had recently launched the next version “LEIA”. But still, it’s not so famous among Kodi users. So the following section contains restrictions of Kodi on Xbox one or Xbox 360.

  • Kodi doesn’t have access to the Blu-ray drive. And it can’t play contents from the external drive. Devs are working on them. Most of the users use kodi for streaming movies, TV shows, and Live events. So this doesn’t seem to be a big bug.
  • Users also reported certain issues while streaming contents from Ad-hoc/local network. Since the file transfer protocol used by kodi and windows or mac are different. So it is difficult to transfer files between an ad-hoc network. Hopefully, there is a fix for it. You can set the windows/mac as UPnP server. By doing so, you can access the files via any of the kodi installed device.

These are some restrictions of using Kodi on Xbox. Hope it will be fixed over time. And hope the next update will be much greater. And Kodi has successfully completed one revolution around the tech gadgets. At 2002, it was released as Xbox Media Centre (XBMC). And in January 2018Kodidi was released for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Best addons for Kodi on Xbox

There are tons of best addons for kodi. You can find a huge list. But we are using Kodi on Xbox. So it would be great to use the Xbox hardware advantage to the fullest. Only very few developers understand this and modify the addons based on the device. So following list contains the best of best kodi addons on Xbox.

Wait! First you should understand the risk involved!

The below listed Kodi addons are developed by third party developers. These addons don’t have proper license to republish the content. So streaming such unauthorized content is illegal. You may fall under some serious issues for streaming unlicensed content using Kodi addons. So always make sure to use any of these five VPNs for Kodi and hide your online activities.

To install a Kodi addon, you need its repository URL. These repositories are located at random servers. And by installing the repository, you will be installing all the dependencies files required for the proper functioning of addons.

Most of these dependencies files are auto installed. They are the background files required for the functioning of addons. And this is a one time process, After installing a repo, you can access all the addons associated with it.

Neptune Rising

There is no doubt Neptune rising kodi addon is the best among its type. It gives a flawless performance across various platforms. It is created by Mr. Blamo, yet another masterpiece. This addon is available in Blamo repository. Repository URL is all you need. The installation process is simple.

Blamo repository URL:

Download mr network repo kodi 17.6

To install the Neptune Rising Kodi addon follow the below steps

Download Mr Network Repo Kodi

  1. Open your kodi on Xbox > Go to settings > File Manager >Add Source.
  2. Select none > Enter the repository URL> Give any name for repo.
  3. Navigate back and select addons from the home screen > installer icon (Located at top-left)> Install from Zip File.
  4. Choose the repo name, you had given previously > Select the zip file and wait for few seconds for the installation to complete.
  5. Now select install from repository > BLAMO Repository > Video Addons > Neptune Rising > Install.
  6. The installation will be completed in a few seconds, you can access the addon from the home screen.

After installation just clicks on any of the content, it will be streamed directly. Neptune Rising is known for its Movies and TV shows contents. The contents are categorized very well. So just navigate through the category to find the required contents.

Selfless Kodi addon

Selfless Kodi addon has been launched recently. It provides great performance. And its one of the best Kodi addons to watch IPTV and PPV contents. It also streams 24*7 live sports channels. Selfless Kodi addon is located in Bookmark’s Repository or Bliss Repository.

Bookmark Repository URL:

Download Mr Network Repo Kodi Add-ons

The installation procedure is almost the same. Just change the repo name and URL. You can follow the same procedure for most of the Kodi addons. Depending on the type of the addon, select the category as Video addons, Music Addons or Program Addons.

Download Mr Network Repo Kodi 17.6

That’s it. Now you had got the basic idea on how to install Kodi on Xbox One and Xbox 360. There are tons of other addons to explore. Try new addons and share your most favorite Kodi addon for Xbox on comments. If any addon is not working for you? Finding any error which installing Kodi on Xbox? Then feel free to contact us through contact form or comments. We will do our best to help you.