Eversewn Hero Embroidery Conversion Software Mac

EverSewn sent me one of their sewing and embroidery machines to test out! In this video I show you how to set it up so its ready to begin embroidering:) LIN. ZHS file: Zephyr Eclipse Server Hotspot Data. Read here what the ZHS file is, and what application you need to open or convert it. Step by step tutorial on how to get purchased embroidery applique designs from your computer onto your embroidery machine to complete your projects. Download your Embroidery Applique File. I like to create a folder on my computer and keep all my embroidery files together in one location. I download all my purchases to this folder. Embrilliance AlphaTricks Embroidery Machine Software For Sale $95 with FREE SHIPPING. Works for Windows PC and Mac Apple computers and most embroidery machines.

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If you have been searching for a way to up your embroidery skills, the Eversewn Hero 400 is one of the most affordable sewing/embroidery combos on the market. You may not have heard of EverSewn but they are one of the most popular brands in sewing studios across the USA and with celebrity bloggers.

Just being popular isn’t enough reason to buy this machine alone–that would be like choosing a car based on its color! Let’s take a look at why the Eversewn Hero 400 is such a popular machine and some features which might appeal to you.

EverSewn Hero - 400-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine, Sewing or Embroidery: Embroidery Module &...
  • Modern sewing and embroidery machine, built for robust and easy sewing and embroidering experience.
  • 400+ utility, decorative and alphabet pattern stitches
  • 40 built-in embroidery designs

The Eversewn Hero is a great machine for intermediate level users with many features that will help you progress with different projects. It’s a computerised sewing/embroidery combination machine that has over 400 different stitch patterns including fonts, borders and other decorative styles.

In addition, it features 40 integrated embroidery designs with the ability to upload your own personal designs to the computerised center via the USB port.


Eversewn Hero Embroidery Conversion Software Mac Free

The Eversewn Hero is all about ease of use and safety. A clear LCD display at the front of the machine allows you to see all your settings. Three interfaces are available including normal, memory or embroidery for a simple switch from sewing to embroidery. Bad news though–the screen isn’t a touch screen like many of its competitors and doesn’t allow for editing a pattern on screen.

Plenty of different designs are available in both sewing and embroidery mode. Although you can scroll through on the intuitive LCD, a feature we really liked was the direct select button for more commonly used stitches. Both block and script style alphabet patterns are available.

Software is provided that enables you to upload your own designs via the USB port although it currently only supports Windows and not Apple systems.

A large 6.5 inch work space combined with eight presser feet attachments and an automatic needle threader makes your sewing so much more efficient.

The automatic cut off when the bobbin thread runs low is handy especially at the impressive 800 stitches per minute speed. One missing feature many experienced sewers have noticed is an automatic thread cutter. This is commonly found on other machines, even the cheaper models. It’s no deal breaker though.


Quality of Stitching

Obviously all the added features won’t make up for substandard stitching. Embroidery machines can be great for the amount of work they save you but you still want the results to look as good as if you hand stitched them yourself.

Fortunately the Eversewn Hero has a high quality finish which is very impressive considering its small size and the high speeds it reaches. The EverSewn can also cope with a variety of fabrics from lightweight cotton to heavy duty denim. Its ideal for embroidering napkins, stitching patches on to your skinny jeans or even trying a little quilt-making.

The following YouTube video shows just how simple, effective, and fun making patches on the Eversewn Hero can be.

Eversewn hero sewing machine

The overall stitch quality for sewing is very good with a maximum stitch width of 7 mm. The embroidery hoop size of 110 mm x 170 mm is adequate for most home users but some professionals with larger projects may require a bigger area. There have also been concerns about the durability of the hoop with this being designed as a home machine.

Is it Worth Getting One?

The main selling point of this machine is how quickly you can move between its functions as a quality sewing machine and easy to use computerised embroidery machine. Throw in a lightweight and portable design and you have an ideal machine for the home enthusiast who wants to improve their embroidery.

The included patterns and stitch patterns are pretty varied and once you get to grips with uploading your own designs, there to what you can achieve. The need to convert your images to only .zhs files and the lack of conversion software for a Mac can make it more limited than other machines which support multiple formats. (There are plenty of .zhs files online though, and if you look hard enough you may even find an online conversion tool for those unlucky enough to own a Mac.)

Features like an automatic needle threader, upper needle and bobbin thread level monitoring system and an intuitive LCD display makes this a great choice for anybody looking to start on an embroidering adventure. For me personally, it’s the complete package with the added features and an excellent stitch quality.

EverSewn Hero - 400-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine, Sewing or Embroidery: Embroidery Module &...
  • Modern sewing and embroidery machine, built for robust and easy sewing and embroidering experience.
  • 400+ utility, decorative and alphabet pattern stitches
  • 40 built-in embroidery designs