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What is Ford UCDS?

Ford UCDS is Universal CAN Diagnostic System for ford vehicles. Ford UCDS consists of drivers of the serial bus USB-serial (recommended drivers FTDI), hardware adapter and the actual UCDS-programm. Ford ucdsys software version is V1.26.00, don’t need activation.

Ford UCDS Features:

– Diagnose the majority of car parts and components that are connected to a central electrical module (GEM, BCMii) through the data bus (CAN);
– Receive data embedded in the car components and modules, including their part number, version, calibration, serial number;
– Make the necessary changes to the central configuration of the car, and change the configuration of the modules and components if necessary;
– Update the calibration (firmware) of the modules and components of the vehicle, including the engine (the so-called chip tuning);
– Perform regular language adaptation of the audio modules manufactured by SONY (Russian language only);
– Upgrade (replacement) of the door modules software to activate the automatic folding door mirrors.
– Other…

Ford UCDS Functions:

1.Read the fault code

2.Clear trouble codes

3.Read the data stream

4.Data recording

5.Module reset

6.Module Installation

7.Re-program the ECU TCM BCM and so on

8.Clear the airbag (RCM) collision data

9.Read, backup, edit, and erase AsBuilt files

10.Read, backup, edit, and erase the underlying DirectConfig configuration file

11.Support ECU chip tuning, eg: Ford Focus 3 150HP -> 163HP, Ford Mondeo 2.0T 200HP -> 240HP, Focus 2012 Year 85HP -> 105HP, 150HP -> 163HP

12.Support VBF file directly to write

13.Support BIN file directly to write

14.Support online update vehicle entire module (Update Wizard)

15.Support Focus MK2, 2012 Focus MK3, Mondeo, S-Max and other models mileage programming


Ford UCDS Support Modules:

IPMA Image Processing Module A

GWM Gateway Module A

BCM Body Control Module

ACM Audio Control Module

PSCM Power Steering Control Module

HCM Headlamp Control Module

PAM Parking Aid Module

RCM Restraint Control Module

DCDC DC to DC Converter Control Module

ABS Antilock Braking systme

CCM Cruise Control Module

OCS Overdrive Cancel Switch

SPRM Speech Recognition Module

ICM Instrument Cluster Module

FDSM Front Distance Sensing Module

SASM Steering Angle Sensor Module

CPLRM Change Port Lgiht Ring Module

FCDIM Front Control/Display Interface Module

ACCM Air Conditioning Control Module

APIM Accessory Protocol Interface Module

PCM Powertrain Control Module

Ford UCDS Support Ford Models:

Focus II 2004-2011

Focus III 2011

Kuga I

Kuga II


Mondeo 2015

Fiesta 2008

GALAXY/S-Max [CD340]-2006-2010

GALAXY/S-Max [CD340] -2010–>

Mondeo IV [CD345]-2007-2011

CMAX [C344]-2011–>

Ford Mca 2019 Download Torrent

Focus III [C346]-2011–>

Focus III [C346] MCA 2015.25–>

Kuga II [C520]-2013–>

Fiesta [B299] 2008-2013

Fiesta [B299] 2013–>

BMAX [B232] 2013–>

Transit [V347] 2006-2013

Transit [V363] 2014–>

Transit Connect [V408] 2014–>

Transit Courier [B460] 2014


Transit Custome [V362] 2013–>

EcoSport [B515] 2013–>

Explorer [U502] 2010–>

Mondeo (Euro) [CD391] 2015–>

And for Newest Ford UCDS,it can support Mazda:

Mazda 2

Mazda 2 2015–>

Mazda 3

Mazda 3 2013–>

Mazda 5 2005–>

Mazda 5 2010–>

Mazda 6 2006–>

Mazda 6 2013–>

Mazda CX-3 2015–>

Ford Mca 2019 Download Full

Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5 2016–>

Mazda CX-9

Mazda CX-9 2016

UCDS Ford VS. Ford VCM II:
1.UCDS support special functions like: VBF LOADER, UPDATE WIZARD, DIRECT CONFIG
2.UCDS support more vehicles than vcmii
3.UCDS support odometer correction, while VCMII can’t
4.UCDS support both online and offline programming, while VOBDII can only support online programming.
5.UCDS support the reconfiguration of the car, the engine firmware stock firmware, chip tuning, vcmii can’t.
6.VCMII support key programming, while UCDS can’t

UCDS 1.26.008 has the same data as the ids v102.

Ford UCDS software, free download:

Ford UCDS V1.26.008

Ford UCDS Download only available on official website:

Ford UCDS Price:

Ford Mca 2019 Download 64-bit

For official website Ford UCDS is full version with newest version and can support newest Ford & Mazda models,it cost about 110 EUR-270EUR (Depend on optionals)

And there is a clone version (V1.26.008)

It without upgrade and can not support all function mention by official website,you would better to ask the functions you want to your dealer.(about $46)

Ford Mca Sd 2019 Download

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