Image Mate Software For Mac

Terminator is an open source terminal app built with a focus on arranging terminals in grids. Its behaviour is mostly based on the GNOME Terminal with extra features for regular CLI users and sysadmins e.g. Simultaneous typing in arbitrary groups of terminals, tons of keyboard shortcuts, etc. And it is free to use.

Introducing Image Mate + Cloud


Image Mate + Cloud is a web-based version of our Image Mate software. Image Mate + Cloud is perfect for on-the-go presentations or when you don’t have access to our full Image Mate or ELMO Interactive Toolbox software. Image Mate + Cloud can be used on its own or paired with your favorite ELMO document camera. Features include: Draw, Highlight, Erase, Screenshot, Freeze Frame, Zoom In/Zoom Out, and Import from File.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 MacOS 10.13 and higher Chrome OS 66 and higher Android 5.1.1 and higher

Image Mate Software For Mac

Supported Browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (2020), Brave, Opera, Vivaldi

Elmo Image Mate Software For Mac

Supported ELMO Camera Models: OX-1 / MX-1 / MX-P / MX-P2 / PX-10 / PX-10E / PX-30 / PX-30E / TT-12iD / TT-12W / TT-12F / TT-L1 / TT-X1 / MO-1 / MO-1w / MO-2 / MA-1

Image Mate Software Download For Mac


Image Mate Software For Macbook Pro

(TT-12F, PX-10E, PX-30E, MA-1 and MO-2 may require a firmware update. Contact Support for details.)