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The following is a list of notable word processors.


Free and open-source software[edit]

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  • EtherPad – real-time word processor
  • GNU TeXmacs – document preparation system
  • JWPce – Japanese word processor, designed primarily for the English speaker who is reading or writing in Japanese
  • LyX - TeX document processor
  • Trelby – screenplay word processor

Proprietary software[edit]


  • Apple Pages, part of its iWork suite – Mac, iOS
  • Applix Word – Linux
  • Atlantis Word Processor – Windows
  • Documents To Go – Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian
  • Final Draft – screenplay/teleplay word processor
  • Gobe Productive Word Processor
  • Hangul (also known as HWP)
  • IA Writer – Mac, iOS
  • IBM DisplayWrite - DOS
  • IBM SCRIPT/VS – IBM z/VM or z/OS systems
  • Ichitaro – Japanese word processor produced by JustSystems
  • iStudio Publisher – Mac
  • Kingsoft Writer – Windows and Linux
  • Mariner Write – Mac
  • Mathematica – technical and scientific word processing
  • Mellel – Mac
  • Microsoft Word – Windows and Mac
  • Microsoft Works Word Processor
  • Microsoft Write – Windows and Mac (a stripped-down version of Word)
  • Nisus Writer – Mac
  • Nota Bene – Windows
  • Polaris Office – Android and Windows Mobile
  • QuickOffice – Android, iOS, Symbian
  • TechWriter – RISC OS
  • ThinkFree Office Write
  • Ulysses – Mac, iPadOS, iOS
  • WordPad – previously known as 'Write' in older versions than Windows 95; has been included in all versions of Windows since Windows 1.01.


  • Atlantis Nova – Windows
  • Baraha – free Indian language software
  • Kingsoft Writer Personal Edition


  • Authorea – word processor for students and researchers
  • Collabora Online Writer – free self-host or paid online service
  • LibreOffice Online Writer – free self-host or paid online service
  • Microsoft Word Online – free online service
  • ThinkFree Office Write
  • XaitPorter – word processor for Enterprise, allowing both single-user and team collaboration approach


  • 1st Word / 1st Word Plus – Atari ST family and Acorn
  • A M Jacquard Systems running Type-Rite, its own proprietary software[1]
  • AppleWorks (formerly ClarisWorks Word Processing) – Windows and Mac; also an older and unrelated application for Apple II
  • Amí, a word processing program for Windows, developed and marketed by Samna
  • Apple Writer Word Processor – Apple II & III series
  • Apricot Computers SuperWriter
  • AstroType (later AstroComp) – Word Processor Systems
  • AtariWriter – Atari 8-bit family
  • CEO – Data General's AOS and AOS/VS operating systems
  • DeskMate – 'Text' component
  • EasyWriter – Apple II and DOS (CP/M)
  • Edit – Mac
  • Edit.exe – DOS
  • Edlin – DOS
  • Enable – DOS
  • FullWrite Professional – Mac
  • geoWrite – component of GEOS
  • Homepak – Commodore 64 and Atari
  • Interleaf – now called QuickSilver
  • KindWords – Amiga computers
  • Lotus Word Pro – Windows
  • MindWrite – Mac
  • PaperClip – Commodore 64 computers
  • pfs:First Choice – lighter-weight version of the pfs suite; DOS
  • pfs:Write (Professional Write/IBM Writing Assistant)
  • PROFS – IBM VM series
  • Q&A Write – DOS / Windows
  • QText – DOS / Windows
  • SimpleText – Apple System 7-9
  • SpeedScript – Commodore 64 computers
  • Spellbinder
  • TeachText – Mac
  • Textra – DOS[2]
  • Type-Rite – proprietary software running on A M Jacquard machines[1]
  • WriteNow – Mac / NeXT
  • Zarnegar – with Persian/Arabic and Latin script support

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DataHelp Admin Modified: 2020-07-01T16:31:00+05:30 Outlook

MS Outlook is the widely used email client across the world. All of its users must be aware of PST (Personal Storage Table) and OST (Offline Storage Table) file to store mailbox data.

But there is one more file named as NST file known as a Microsoft Outlook storage file. Thus, the main motive of this blog is to let users know what is NST file extension, where it is located and how one can convert NST file to PST format.

What is .nst File Extension & Their Location?

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The file containing .nst file extension is created automatically by Microsoft Outlook whenever a user configures Microsoft Office 365 account in Outlook creating Office 365.nst file.

Another possible scenario that creates NST file is when a user uses Outlook Connector for IBM Lotus Domino add-in to access Lotus Notes through Outlook.

Moreover, NST file format is almost similar to Offline Storage Table file. This NST file stores all data items such as emails, contacts, tasks, etc..

Technical Description of NST File Format

Location of NST File

In Microsoft Windows XP

C:Documents and Settings%user_name%Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook

In Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10


Now, as discussed above NST file in Outlook. So if a user has an orphan NST file on its local machine and wants to access it in Outlook, then it becomes a tedious task to perform. Because NST file can only be accessed in the profile which has created it originally, they are not portable at all.

So, the only solution that a user can try is converted NST file to PST format and access in any Outlook profile on any machine without any hassle.

How to Convert NST File to PST Format?

In order to export NST to PST file format, there is no manual approach available that a user can try.
So, to do the same in the reliable and efficient, a user needs to use automated NST to PST converter tool which is available on the market. Among all such applications, DataHelp OST to PST Wizard is one of the widely used tool.

It is capable to convert NST file to PST format in just a few number of clicks. After complete data conversion, the software preserves folder hierarchy and data integrity. The user interface of the tool is so easy that anyone can use this tool without any external help. Moreover, the software can be installed on any version of Microsoft Windows OS.

Steps to Convert NST File to PST format

Before starting the NST to PST conversion process, a user is advised to remove .nst file extension by .ost file extension. After that, you can add it to the tool easily.

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First of all, you need to download the software:

  • Now, open the application on the system
  • After that, choose the option Select File or Select Folder option to add file.
  • Then, Browse the NST file, which is renamed with the .ost file extension
  • Now, click on OK button to add the selected file, Select location to save Output file.

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  • Finally, click on Convert button and begin the NST to PST conversion process.

After successfully performing the above steps, one can easily convert NST file to PST format and access it any Outlook profile on any machine.

Watch Video to Know Whole Working Procedure of Software:

Lotus Approach Software


NST file is one more storage file created by Outlook when Office 365 is configured in it or when user access Lotus Notes through the Outlook Connector.

Lotus Approach Software For Mac

As users are not very much familiar with this NST file, so in this blog, we have covered all about NST file i.e. what is NST file and how to convert NST file to PST format?

The NST files are like other Outlook files, so they are not portable. Thus, if a user wants to access it on other machine or Outlook profile, then he or she must convert NST to PST file with the help of tool suggested above.