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View common3D filetypes, such as FBX, STL, OBJ, GLB, GLTF, PLY, 3MF, with high-quality staging while also inspecting the 3D model’s mesh, texture, material and animation data.

Microsoft Office 1.5 for Mac was released in 1991 and included the updated Excel 3.0, the first application to support Apple's System 7 operating system. Microsoft Office 3.0 for Mac was released in 1992 and included Word 5.0, Excel 4.0, PowerPoint 3.0 and Mail Client. Excel 4.0 was the first application to support new AppleScript. Easily view 3D models and animations in real-time. 3D Viewer lets you view 3D models with lighting controls, inspect model data and visualize different shading modes. In Mixed Reality mode, combine the digital and physical. Push the boundaries of reality and capture it all with a video or photo to share.

What's new in 3D Viewer 7.2010.15012.0:

  • D Viewer version 7.2003.11022.0 and later versions include important security updates
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When you're working with 3D models, most of you believe that you need to install mammoth software suites to do the job, which is especially frustrating when you don't even plan on doing any editing, just viewing and inspecting.What few of you know is that the teleport of Windows has also developed their very own 3D viewing software, which is as efficient as any of its professional counterparts, while offering a surprising amount of features compared to how lightweight it feels.This program is none other than 3D Viewer, a 3D object viewer for the latest version of the Windows OS.

Fluid animations and advanced model viewing options

This store app uses the computer's GPU for the rendering of the 3D models, thus ensuring that the app offers the best experience in both animation quality, smoothness, and performance.You can use 3D Viewer to quickly view common 3D file types: FBX, STL, OBJ, GLB, GLTF, PLY, 3MF, with high-quality staging. You can even go into detail with the simple pan, zoom, and orbiting controls which you can achieve with the mouse, touch, pen or keyboard and by doing so, you can inspect the 3D model’s mesh, texture, material, and animation data more thoroughly.

Analyze the finer aspect of your 3D models

Since it offers such high compatibility with plenty of 3D object format, you'd think that you will never be lacking the source material to use this program on.However, if you do happen to be in need of some objects to view, you should know that the program has its extensive library of beautifully animated 3D objects, from animated characters to a ferocious T-Rex.You can view these 3D files in different shading modes such as smooth, wireframe on smooth, texture passes and more, all while controlling the position and color of the staging lights.

An easy solution for when you need to quickly asses the quality of 3D objects

3D Viewer offers all the tools you may need if all you're interested in is viewing a 3D object and analyzing its properties, which is more than one could expect when downloading a seemingly lightweight Store App.

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3D Viewer 7.2010.15012.0

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Microsoft is no longer treating possibly the most unused folder, 3D Objects, as a special folder in File Explorer.

With the release of Windows 10 1703, otherwise known as the Creators Update, Microsoft included a new application called '3D Viewer' that allowed you to view and manipulate 3D models.

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As a place to store all those 3D object files that Microsoft thought people would be downloading, they created a '3D Objects' folder in each user's user profile directory. This folder was given a unique icon and was designated as a special folder in File Explorer, as shown below.

However, most people did not find 3D Viewer as useful as Microsoft, and the most popular search queries regarding the '3D Objects folder' was how to remove it.

Microsoft finally got the hint, and with yesterday's release of Windows 10 Insider build 21322 in the Dev channel, the 3D Objects folder is no longer displayed as a special folder in File Explorer. However, Windows 10 users can still access it directly from the %UserProfile% folder.

Microsoft 3d Viewer For Mac Windows 7

'The 3D Objects folder will no longer be shown as a special folder in File Explorer after updating to this build. If you need to access this folder, you can do so via typing %userprofile% in File Explorer or through the navigation pane option “Show all folders,' Microsoft explained in the Windows 10 Insider build 21322 release notes.

Microsoft 3d Viewer For Mac Windows 10

While this is not a particularly big change for Windows users, it is one less folder cluttering Windows 10's File Explorer, which can quickly become filled with extraneous devices and drives.

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