Microsoft Outlook Mac Voting Buttons

It's easy to create a message in Microsoft Outlook that uses voting buttons to ask your recipients questions with a specific and limited set of answers. When recipients respond using the voting buttons, you can either automatically tabulate the results of the vote in Outlook or export the responses to an Excel worksheet. Hello, How can i add and use voting button in MAC outlook? In windows seems easy but i needed to do it on a MAC.

Last updated: October 2018

Applicable to: Outlook 365, 2019, 2016, 2013; Office 365 and Standard.

A somewhat not well known capability of Microsoft Outlook is the fact you can use it as a simple voting tool. In this post will show you how to insert custom voting buttons to poll your colleagues opinions on different matters through email.

Here are some use cases i can think of:

  • Decide on the location of a corporate or group event
  • Gather user feedback about a proposed meeting timing
  • Choosing a farewell present for a colleague or friend leaving town
  • And many more…

In order to keep it simple, this post will focus on using the voting buttons delivered by Outlook, which would typically fit a work group or small department scenario. Voting solution that applies to larger organizations or cases in which other email clients, such as Gmail, and Yahoo are beyond the scope of this post.

Setting voting buttons in Outlook

  • Open Outlook and click on New Email in the Home ribbon.
  • Now while you compose a mail click on Options in the ribbon and click on the Use voting options drop down box.
  • Approve;Reject option will make opinion on a task to others whether to Approve/Reject.
  • Yes;No option used for questions asked by the sender which can be voted as Yes/No.
  • Yes;No;Maybe option is same as the previous one, but adds the extra option maybe.
  • Custom option helps us create our own answers for voting.
  • ; ” is used for the separation for each entry.
  • Select anyone of the options and you can see that there is an indication for the usage of voting button.
  • Enter the address and subject in the space provided.
  • Click send to receive answers from others about the voting option you set.

Inserting buttons into Outlook emails (example)

Let us say I want to know which of the three albums (revive, the hills, listen) are best and I want to ask this to my project colleagues.

  • I click on Custom in the use voting options to include the names of the albums.
  • In the voting and tracking options, I enter Revive;listen;the hills.
  • I enter email address of my project colleagues along with my voting question and final project report.
  • Click send.
  • The email recipient will be prompted to cast his vote using the buttons attached to the message as shown below:

In case of questions feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading 🙂

How to customize voting buttons in Outlook?

Normally there are only three kinds of voting buttons in emails: Approve; Reject, Yes;NO, and Yes;No;Maybe. Most of time, more flexible voting buttons are required to apply in our email messages. Here I will introduce the way to customize voting buttons in emails in Microsoft Outlook easily.

  • Customize multiple-choice voting buttons with checkboxes in Outlook

Customize voting buttons in Outlook

To add custom voting buttons in your email messages in Microsoft Outlook, please do as following:

1. Create a new email message with clicking Home > New Email.

2. In the new Message window, go to the Options tab, and click the Use Voting Buttons > Custom.

3. In the popping up Properties dialog box (or Message Options dialog box in Outlook 2007), remove original voting options from the Use voting buttons box, and then enter your custom voting options. See screen shot below:
(1) You can add as many voting options as possible, and keep in mind to separate each voting option with the semicolon.
(2) Keep the check box before the Use Voting buttons checked all the time.

4. Click the Close button to exit the Properties dialog box.

5. Compose your email message, and then click the Send button.

When recipients receive your email message with the custom voting buttons, they can click the text of Click here to vote. in the message header and then specify a voting option from the drop down list. See screen shot below:
If you receive recipients’ voting responses, you can view the voting responses at the message headers at a glance.

Note: The customized voting button is only applied to the current message. When you create a new message, the voting button you have customized is disappeared, so you need to customize a new voting button for the message if you want.

Customize multiple-choice voting buttons with checkboxes in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Mac Voting Buttons

As you know, the voting buttons are single-choice and shown in message header with above method. However, sometime you may just want to add the voting buttons in message body. Here, this method will introduce Kutools for Outlook's AutoText feature to insert checkboxes in message body as voting buttons.

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1. In the Mail view, click Home > New Email to create a new email.

2. In the opening Message window, click Kutools > Pane to activate the AutoText pane, open the CheckBox category, and then double click the Checkbox 1 to insert it into message body. See screenshot:

3. Repeat above Step 2 to add more checkboxes, and then rename the checkboxes to your voting options as below screenshot shown.

4. Compose your email message, and then click the Send button.

Note: When recipients receive this email with multiple-choice voting buttons in Outlook, they need to (1) click Home > Reply, (2) check multiple voting buttons as they need, and then (3) send the replying email.
By the way, if the recipients read this email with other mail tool, such as read the email with web browsers or smart phones, the checkboxes are not clickable.

Demo: Customize multiple-choice voting buttons with checkboxes in Outlook

Tip: In this Video, Kutools tab is added by Kutools for Outlook. If you need it, please click here to have a 60-day free trial without limitation!

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      The AutoText pane is added by Kutools for Outlook. If you have installed the Kutools for Outlook, when composing a new email, or forwarding/replying an email, you can click Kutools > Pane to enable to disable the pane easily.
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