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This hack aims at improving the original experience of Ocarina of Time by adding some QoL improvements by applying the ASM patches provided by the Ocarina of Time Randomizer project by Roman971 and its contributors. (NOTE: For a full list of the Credits per-dev, please check the ReadMe. Adult Link 3D model made by SkilarBabcock, with permission to use for this project: https://youtu.be/x6MIeEZIsPw)

NB: Use an Ocarina of Time US 1.0 ROM for patching.

Main Features:

  • Text speed now goes 2 times as fast as the original, matching Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time 3D.
  • Text revamp, restored and revised based on subsequent releases of Ocarina of Time.
  • Fixed graves behaviour like in subsequent versions.
  • Properly center the “Navi” text in the C-Up button.
  • Collecting Gold Skulltulla Tokens no longer freezes the player but allows it to continue moving. This is similar to what happens in Majora’s Mask spider houses.
  • D-PAD can be used to quickly access ocarina and iron/hover boots.
  • Rupee color of the rupee count indicator now changes in color to reflect the wallet upgrade possessed.
  • Stone of Agony now works even without rumble. An icon will appear over the rupee count when in proximity of a hidden grotto.
  • Farore’s Wind does not get dispelled through time travel and can be used independently by child and adult Link.
  • The bunny hood now works like in Majora’s Mask boosting movement speed when worn.
  • Bombchu Bowling prizes now appear in fixed order instead of random (Rotation being: piece of heart, purple rupee, bomb bag capacity upgrade, bombs).
  • Fishing made easier by guaranteeing biting, but keeps the fish size RNG from the original game.
  • Biggoron has you wait 2 days instead of 3 to forge the Biggoron Sword.
  • Default Z-targeting is automatically set to HOLD by default.
  • Burning Kakariko cutscene now starts by entering Kakariko from any entrance instead of only the main one.
  • Song of Storms cooldown is removed, additionally it can be used in every ambient.
  • Warp songs and Farore’s Wind can now be used inside Gerudo Training Grounds and Ganon’s Castle.
  • Lab diving heart piece can now be obtained at all times.
  • Increased speed of block pushing.
  • Subscreen delay fix
  • Extended draw distance.
  • Requires All Medallions to unlock the bridge for Ganon’s Castle (original game only requires Shadow and Spirit).
  • Unlocked Tunics for Young Link.
  • Updated Young and Adult Link 3D models. Young Link is based on his MM 3D model, and Adult Link is a custom MM Adult Link 3D model made by SkilarBabcock, given permission by him to use for this project: https://youtu.be/x6MIeEZIsPw.
  • All other vanilla features (Rewards, Cutscenes and Animations) are retained.

Master Quest Redux:

  • Same features as Ocarina of Time Redux by default
  • All Dungeons set to Master Quest layouts
  • Custom Master Quest title screen
  • MQ text dialogue colors
  • Change Button Colors: GC OoT Button Colors
  • Censored Fire Temple song from v1.2 and GC releases
  • Censored Gerudo textures from v1.2 and GC releases
  • Censored blood (Green) from v1.2 and GC releases

But what if you want to have the censored Fire Temple in OoT Redux, and not exclusive to the Master Quest patch? Or you want the censored Gerudo textures, or you want a higher text speed (like 3x) or want certain features, and not others?

That can easily be changed, thanks to an amazing software called Patcher64+ Tool, which allows you to toggle whatever feature you want on or off according to your liking, so you can create your own custom Ocarina of Time / Master Quest Redux ROM! You can download the software here if you want to customize your own ROM patch:

Ocarina Of Time Chaos Edition Download

The tool depends on a computer with PowerShell support. Windows 10 is recommended, but other OS that can install PowerShell could also be used.

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Ocarina Of Time Chaos Edition Download Rom

With 3DS Torrent dotCom you can download 3DS Games for free. When you have the 3DS ROM files on your PC use a 3DS emulator to preview them or copy roms to a blank 3DS Cart and play these games on teh Nintendo 3D DS.

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