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Full List of PS Vita Homebrew Guides

The PlayStation Vita is an excellent portable console with amazing potential; modding or ‘jailbreaking’ serves only to help realize its potential as a versatile device with a huge library of games from the original PSX and PSP, as well as its own selection of niche titles that can only be found on the PS Vita. The current ‘jailbreak’ for the PS Vita is HENkaku by TheOfficialFlow; once installed, you’ll be able to enable the installation of homebrew applications and plugins which will grant you additional features and customisation options. HENkaku itself will install the “HENkaku Settings” menu which has a few neat features on its own:
  • PSN Spoofing – Allows you to access the PSN Store regardless of firmware
  • Enable Unsafe Homebrew – Allows you to install homebrew apps from third party developers for extra customisation
  • Enable Version Spoofing – Allows your PS Vita to mimic any firmware version for accessing PSN
  • Spoofed Version – Select the firmware you want to mimic
  • [O] Button Behavior – Toggle between [Circle] = Cancel or [Circle] = Confirm, i.e. Japanese consoles
  • Unlink Memory Card – Quick method to unlink the memory card, useful for bypassing the “format memory card” prompt
  • Reload taiHENconfig.txt – Reloads config file for plugin changes to take effect

A PlayStation emulator is a program that emulates, or imitates, the popular gaming console, and allows gamers to enjoy their favorite PlayStation games on their computer. All you need is the game disc or a copy of the disc image. There are emulators for PS1, PS2, PSP, and PS3 in addition to experimental emulators for the PS4 and PS Vita. Download PS Vita Emulator For PC. Old Version Of Microsoft’s Windows Core ‘Polaris’ Leaked Online. Windows 7/8.1 Owners Can Still Upgrade To Windows 10 For Free. The PS Vita 3.60 is now widely hacked thanks to the HENkaku hack. There’s lots of things you can do with you PS vita 3.60 but it can easily get confusing. Here’s a full guide with details on all features and functionality, ranging from the basics of installing the hack, to the most precise customization features. Tomodachi Life Emulator For PC – Citra; Download PS Vita Emulator For PC; Download Free Fire For PC Best Settings And Controls PS4 Emulator for Android: Is There A Working Emulator To Download? 7 Best GBA Emulator for Android devices; Best Nintendo DS Emulator For Android That Works In 2021; 5 Best Sega Genesis Emulators For Android.

The HENkaku exploit was originally released for firmware 3.60 but has since been ported to newer firmwares. Every PS Vita can be hacked with the appropriate exploit method. Below is a small list of PS Vita hacking methods and the firmware they require:

The PS Vita version works especially well, allowing you to play PC games on your PS Vita with very little setup involved. The PS Vita will function as a controller for your PC whilst displaying the gameplay on the screen, meaning you can play many PC games (and emulators!) on the PS Vita that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

FirmwareExploit Method
3.60HENkaku Web Exploit
3.65 – 3.68h-encore
3.69 – 3.73h-encore²
3.60 is still considered the ‘golden firmware’ due to having the highest compatibility with homebrew. and also having access to permanent custom firmware with the Ensō hack. Without Ensō, HENkaku will need to be reinstalled after every reboot. Even if your PS Vita is 3.65+, you can easily downgrade your firmware after modding your console with the Modoru homebrew app. If your firmware is below 3.60, Block Updates via DNS to safely update to 3.60 over wi-fi or use Qcma to offline update to the firmware of your choice


Adrenaline by TheOfficialFlow is a homebrew application that unlocks the built in PSP emulator (ePSP) on the PlayStation Vita. This app essentially turns your Vita into a PSP that is compatible with nearly all PSP and PSX games as well as PSP homebrew. Adrenaline is a great addition to any hacked PS Vita and is one of the main reasons to justify hacking a PS Vita.

Emulation via RetroArch

Currently the PS Vita is considered to be the best handheld in terms of emulation capabilities, completely blowing the 3DS out of the water and holds an advantage over the Nintendo Switch due to a more developed homebrew scene. In addition to playing PSP and PSX games at full speed, the PS Vita can easily run a variety of games for Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Game Boy Advance and more through RetroArch as well as some homebrew standalone emulators.

PC (Steam) Remote Play

The PS Vita can stream gameplay from your PC using the Moonlight application. Moonlight is a project to port the Nvidia GameStream technology to various devices such as iOS, Android and ChromeOS. The PS Vita version works especially well, allowing you to play PC games on your PS Vita with very little setup involved. The PS Vita will function as a controller for your PC whilst displaying the gameplay on the screen, meaning you can play many PC games (and emulators!) on the PS Vita that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. (Image is Moonlight streaming Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game running on RPCS3, courtesy of u/Sanjay–jurt from Reddit)

Create and Play Backups

Most likely the number one reason why people jailbreak and hack their consoles, to create and play backup games. Dumping your game cards is a very straightforward procedure on the PS Vita thanks to the NoNpDrm plugin which creates license files for any game card that is launched while the plugin is active. This mean that backup games can be downloaded, shared and played on any homebrew enabled PS Vita as long as they have the NoNpDrm plugin installed. The ref00d plugin is also invaluable in that it lets you play games that have higher firmware requirements, meaning that you can stay on the 3.60 firmware and still have access to the entire PS Vita library. The PKGj homebrew application allows you to download PS Vita, PSP and PSX content directly to your Vita without the need for a PC.

MicroSD Compatibility

You can expand the PS Vita storage options with a MicroSD card using the SD2Vita adaptor with the StorageMgr plugin. The SD2Vita is placed in the game card slot. This means you wont be forced to rely on the expensive proprietary memory cards; a 128GB MicroSD cost approximately half as much a 16GB Sony Memory Card. This is perfect if you plan to install many games onto your PS Vita.

Vita Homebrew Applications

In addition to those already mentioned, the PS Vita has a large homebrew library that is constantly growing. The majority of these applications can be found in the Vita Homebrew Browser, a repository for homebrew apps that uses the Rinnegatamante’s VitaDB as a source. You can also found a multitude of homebrew games and ports such as Doom and Quake.


In addition to homebrew application, hacking your PS Vita will also give you access to powerful plugins. Autoplugin is a collection of plugins that can easily be installed to your PS Vita without a PC, the application is regularly updated with new and useful plugins.In contrast to homebrew apps; plugins run passively in the background, allowing you to make tweaks to your PS Vita that wouldn’t normally be possible such as disabling the rear touchscreen panel, enabling PS3/4 controller support for games, cheat engines, Vita to PC streaming and much more.

You can download backup games using PKGj or NoPayStation. You will need the NoNpDrm and ref00d plugins to play downloaded games on any firmware.

Is it safe to update my PS Vita after installing HENkaku?

There is no reason to update your firmware after installing HENkaku. Block Updates via DNS to safely update to 3.60 over wi-fi or use Qcma to offline update if you absolutely must.


There have never been any reported bans for PS Vita consoles running HENkaku.

It is very difficult to brick your PS Vita if you follow instructions carefully, keep your PS Vita charged when making any major changes.

You can download your firmware using Modoru 2.0 if you have custom firmware installed already.

Can I log into PSN and go online with custom firmware?

You can go online with CFW, enable PSN spoofing and spoof your firmware version in the [Settings] -> [HENkaku Settings] menu.

Follow this table to know which method to use to hack your PS Vita according to your firmware. Block Updates via DNS and update over Wi-Fi if your firmware is below 3.60. Every firmware version can be hacked with an appropriate exploit.

The 8-bit video-gaming generation was defined by the two stalwarts of the gaming industry. While Segway was making headway with their Master System III, Nintendo launched their Nintendo Entertainment System(commonly known as NES) in the wake of the video game crash of 1983.

Furthermore, Nintendo upped the ante of gaming development with the introduction of licensing game development rights to third-party companies. This has become a norm now, but it was Nintendo that started it way back in the 80s.

Japanese video game designer and a Nintendo legend, Masayuki Uemura combined the philosophy of cheap and affordable with conventional cartridge-based console instead of the 16-bit with computer components. It helped them gain a broader appeal.

Best NES Emulator for PC

Here are the best NES emulator for windows PC that works.

  • Mesen
  • VirtualNES
  • Nestopia
  • RetroArch
  • Jnes
  • BizHawk
  • Nintendulator
  • higan
  • Nemulator
  • Dolphin Emulator

1. Mesen

The most accurate NES emulator for computers has to be on top. It supports virtually all the licensed games ever published for NES.

As soon as you launch the emulator, the configuration wizard pops open on the screen. The wizard consists of options regarding the profile data storage location and input mapping. Input mapping involves selecting between different gamepads and the keys of the keyboard. You can configure the input later on as well.

In any case, if you are in a hurry, and have no time to shut down the game, worry not. A much need feature that every game wishes for is the automatic save-state for scenarios when you turn off the emulator abruptly. Never lose your save-state when in a hurry.

Talking about the features that stand out, there is an audio equalizer dashboard, a cheat finder, a wide range of video filters, and an overlock system to reduce slowdown in the games.

Secondly, there is a sound and video recorder for capturing the gameplay. Additionally, we get a media player that can play the recorded videos inside the emulator itself. For multiplayer purposes, Mesen has Netplay to play games online with other players.

Download Meseen

2. VirtualNES

The relatively new kid on the block, straight from Japan. The developers have released an English version after multiple requests by the fans.

You will find the Japanese origin NES emulator for PC on the more unaffected side of the spectrum of things. On top of that, we can see a TV Frame option that shows the borders of a TV on display, adding a nostalgic and retro feel to the experience quotient. Secondly, there is Netplay for multiplayer gaming.

When you feel like having fun, there is an entire setting dashboard dedicated to cheats. The panel consists of Game Genie cartridge along with a cheat code finder.

A total of 4 controllers can be connected, and different FPS limits can be set for each controller. Additionally, there is virtually a hotkey for each feature and function of the emulator.

For running the emulator, users will require the latest version of DirectX, apart from a modest computer with relatively low-end configuration.

Download VirtualNES

3. Nestopia

A rather accurate and famous NES/Famicom emulator for PCs has a very high range of accuracy for NES emulation.

Ps Vita Emulator Pc

We have mentioned Nestopia in our list of the best SNES emulators for PC as well. When we start with the features, there is the standard Netplay support for multiplayer online gaming.

Thereafter, we have an elaborate cheat dashboard for ease-of-use coupled with an auto-save feature that automatically saves-state for helping you save game progress.

Additionally, gamers can record music of the game with a dedicated sound recorder provided in the famous NES emulator. After all of that, when you get bored playing games, there is a media player that can play .avi files on the emulator.

The original developer halted the development way back in 2008. It was continued by another developer under the name “Nestopia Undead Edition.” Unlike the older versions, Nestopia is now an NES emulator for Mac as well, along with FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows, of course.

Alternatively, Nestopia is also available on RetroArch as Libretro core.

Download Nestopia

4. RetroArch

RetroArch is an emulator upon which we have showered a lot in its praises in the past. It has been mentioned in various of our lists, involving a wide variety of consoles.

Also Read – RetroArch is now on Steam with 10 cores

The all-rounder emulator has everything you would want for gaming to be considered amongst the best NES emulators out there. Backed with Netplay for online multiplayer, there is something for everyone in the store, including the video game streamers. RetroArch offers dedicated support for directly streaming games from the emulator to YouTube or Twitch.

When we talk about the standard set of features, we find a plethora of settings such as game latency, video calibration, and more to customize the emulating experience. Additionally, there is a multimedia playback support inside the emulator itself.

Before we forget, RetroArch is a multi-platform supported, meaning you can this NES emulator on Mac, Linux computers as well.

There can be times when you don’t feel like installing RetroArch. For such scenarios, you can use their NES emulator online, named Libretro

Download RetroArch

5. Jnes

Contrary to what we have read about it, Jnes has taken quite a leap as an NES emulator for PCs. The user-interface is reasonably modern, backed by more straightforward settings and function panels. There are two regions, NTSC and PAL.

In the audio department, there is a generic mixer and a graph to fiddle with the sound. On parallel lines of video settings, there is a native resolution option that supports the resolution of your computer’s monitor.

Opposed to leading emulators, Jnes offers Kaillera for multiplayer instead of the industry-standard Netplay.

Download Jnes

6. Bizhawk

A modest-looking emulator packed with helpful tools such as Tool-Assisted Speedruns(TAS) for gamers who want to finish the game in a short period. The feature-rice TAS offers a powerful combination of slow motion and key-mapping.

On top of the speed-run tool, there is an advanced macro-script tool with console for automating and scheduling certain events in the game.

Download BizHawk


The next emulator for Nintendo’s Family Computer is a piece of software, that has been inspired by various branches of FCE, such as FCE Ultra, FCEU rerecording, FCEUXD, FCEUXDSP, and FCEU-mm.

Any gamer interested in online gaming can use to old school method of joining a lobby through the IP address, port number, password, etc.

Coming to tools, there is the TAS, similar to the one Bizhawk for speedrunning the games. Secondly, there is an auto-fire feature for games that are requiring precision with the pointer.

Turning back to the talk about the standard features, we have cheats and movie players (avi and movi formats),

Download FCEUX

8. Nintendulator

What started as an NES code tester has turned into a pretty accurate emulator for NES on Windows.

Apart from the standard audio and video settings, there is an option to record gameplay directly in .avi format. Secondly, you can connect upto two controllers to the emulator, with an optional expansion port for other devices.

For players who enjoy using cheats will like the Game Genie cartridge support. Other than that, gamers can manually slow down the game from the PPU settings.

It supports the following formats of NES ROMs –.NES, UNIF, FDS (fwNES format), and NSF

Download Nintendulator

9. higan

higan is a highly rated and amongst the best Nintendo Entertainment System emulator. Thanks to its versatility, it works as a SNES emulator for PC as well.

The portable NES emulator for Windows 10 and other versions has a quick-turn for downloading and launching to play the games.

After launching higan, it is a mere 10-second setup to create a system that will act as a profile for NES emulation, since it can emulator other consoles as well.

Other than the standard settings of audio and video drivers, there is the generic key-mapping and aspect ratio correction.

Download higan

10. Nemulator

The easiest and frill-free Famicom emulator that runs NES games on PC without waiting for anyone. There are no options menu or dashboard.

You can learn about the keyboard shortcuts for various in-built settings. To load a ROM, you will have to put the ROM files into the designated ROMS folder, whose address appears on the screen.

Running Emulator requires Windows 7 or above with DirectX 10 and x86 Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package installed from the official Microsoft site.

Download Nemulator

11. Dolphin

Last in our list of the best NES emulator is the Dolphin emulator. It was earlier designed for Wii and GameCube games but has started supporting NES emulation in recent versions.

Dolphin is a multi-platform emulator, which means that it is used as an NES emulator for Mac computers. The features are pretty standard as compared to emulators like RetroArch, Higan.

Backed by GameCube experience, the Dolphin emulator has managed to provide broader compatibility to most NES game titles that can be checked from here.

The first time installing can be daunting. Therefore you can refer to installation guides, such as one as this.

Download Dolphin Emulator

Are NES emulators legal?

Emulators are legal, but NES Roms are not as they violate copyright laws. Downloading and using any NES Rom without the permission or proper license of the creator is completely illegal.

Over to You

That was all for this post. Hope you liked our post on the best NES emulator PCs. For any reason, if you don’t want to install emulators onto your PC, you can use the NES emulator online, such as Nes Box, which is similar to Libretro.