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Play as a female street fighter and battle wave after wave of enemies on Queen of Fighters, a challenging top down action game with emphasis on dodging and time manipulation.

The Queen Of Fighters is a beautiful fighting game with 10 cute and beautiful girls. You can choose one of several different types of girls to defeat all the others when you choose story mode. (This cartoon-style fighting game is all developed by me. After all, I have limited time and energy, so please look at my game with tolerance.) ️ Game features: Easy to operate,super cool fighting. Queen Of Fighters Mugen Full Game Download Rating: 9,5/10 4923 votes If you put on't treatment about that type of stuff you nevertheless obtain a great beat'em up game with a wonderful roster (there are about 100 playable characters) and a excellent range of techniques you can perform, many 1 -player and 2 - player modes, mainly because. The Queen of Fighters 2 Full Mugen Game (Unknown Author). 14,292 downloads. The queen of fighters 3; daniel (and 126 more) Tagged with: the queen of fighters 3.

Use your special powers to stay alive as long as posible: slow down time to better maneuver in between speeding bullets, and reverse time to recover your health; but be cautios, as dead enemies might come back to life too!

Developed by:

- Alvaro Infante: Production, Programming, Game Design
- Enzo Antonaz: Art
- Ignacio Brachi: Art
- Marcelo Salazar: Art
- Nacho MK: Music
- Diego Edelman: Programming


Keyboard Controls:

Move: Arrow Keys
Attack: Space Bar
Slow Time: Shift
Reverse Time: Alt

Mugen Queen Of Fighters Download

Gamepad Controls:

Move: Left Analog Stick
Attack: 'A'
Slow Time: Left Trigger
Reverse Time: Right Trigger


Mugen Queen Of Fighters Download

Tags2D, Arcade, Bullet Hell, Female Protagonist, Roguelike, Time Attack


Mugen The Queen Of Fighters Download

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