Quiksilver Fifty 50 Watch User Manual

Quiksilver The Fifty50 Troubleshooting. Refer to the user manual of the watch here. Buy a new band and replace the current one. Powers on and off erratically.

  1. Quiksilver Fifty 50 Watch User Manual

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eWatch – It’s Selling Like Crazy Worldwide

What is the eWatch?

Always dreamed of a personal assistant that helps you organize your appointments, takes your calls, optimizes your sleep patterns so you wake up more refreshed, minimizes your sitting times to feel less backpain, motivates you to make at least 10k steps and makes you look cool at all times? You can stop dreaming.

Your new assistant is called the eWatch, made by a startup company that makes high-end smartwatches at an affordable price. The smartwatch brand focuses on what other flagship watches lack: Combining a fitness tracker with a proper smartwatch for an affordable price.The company has worked 5
years on new technology to create the eWatch.

The eWatch also has the same technical gadgets as latest $400 flagship watches like the Apple Smartwatches, Fitbit and co.

But why are those brands so much more expensive? Well, they have to invest huge budgets in marketing and advertising to keep up with each other. So, basically the price difference is the advertising cost. The company behind eWatch doesn’t spend a dime on marketing so that’s why they can keep their prices much lower.

… easy to use

A problem that many people face with their new smartwatch, is it can be difficult to use. There are often too many complicated instructions to start with and confusing features. The eWatch has the customer in mind when it comes to usage.

It doesn’t take long for you to get to grips with the simple, yet impressive aspects of this smartwatch. The eWatch comes with easy to follow instructions, and you will be able to set it up in no time.

Quiksilver Fifty 50 Watch User Manual

And… helps to reach your fitness goals

With advanced workout metrics and water resistance to 50 meters, it’s made for all the ways you exercise.

And… motivates you to exercise, move and sit less

The Activity rings track your progress and inspire you to sit less, move more, and exercise every day. You can even compete with challenges with friends.

And… tells you when things are getting too loud

The Noise app alerts you when decibels rise to levels that can impact your hearing.

And… lets you track your cycle on a fingertip

The Cycle Tracking app makes it easy to log information about your menstrual cycle.

And… streams your favorite 20 million songs

Listen to the preinstalled Music library, not to mention podcasts and audiobooks.

This watch always knows where to go

With a compass and ground elevation, it’s made for life’s twists and turns, and ups and downs.

It gets apps in a second

The GooglePlay Store is now on your wrist, so you can find and download the latest apps in seconds.

And lets you go without your phone

With cellular you can call from the trail, text from the surf, or stream music from the slopes. All with just your watch.

And pay for stuff, fast

Get your morning coffee. Send money to a friend. Do it instantly and securely with Apple Pay.

And talk the ear off Voice assistant

Search a topic online, identify a song with Shazam, start a workout, or lower the shades.

Did we mention this watch tells time?

With more than 50 watch faces and infinite ways to personalize them, there’s never been a watch like this.

The eWatch’s Features:


Heart rate & ECG

Check your heart rate or see your heart rhythm with the ECG app


Monitor your sleep stages to determine if you are in deep sleep, shallow sleep, or just about to wake up


eWatch knows when you are sitting and reminds you to standup every now and then to prevent back pain

Bluetooth Call

Pick up the phone with the eWatch. You don’t have to take your phone from your pocket anymore


Did we mention this watch also stops the time?


Use the free eWatch find it App from your phone to locate your eWatch when misplaced or stolen

How Can It Be So Affordable?

eWatch spends nothing on advertising. We prefer to let your positive reviews do the talking for us!

At this price and with a 50% Discount this offer is the absolute VALUE FOR MONEY. eWatch has all features needed to Satisfy the most demanding smartwatch users.

Got my eWatch last week and it has exceeded my expectations. Setup was a breeze and all apps are running super smooth. The ECG and Heart rate function are on point.

Works fine! I’ve used it quite a lot and the battery seems to hold up nicely. I must say that I was impressed with its build quality and features. For this price you really have a flagship Smartwatch that’s up there with those +$300 watches.

What can i say? Fast, good battery – everything they promised. Really worth double the promo price at least. Incredible bargain for a beautiful smartwatch. got an additional blue watch strap, feels better than my old apple watch.