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  • DSDPlusUI SDR# Plugin 1.4.4 Past Update. Added new settings, Enable Tool Bar Buttons, Start SDR# with Keyboard Shortcuts (CTRL + S Opens settings) and Auto Start SDR# with a Frequency. Lots of under the hood optimizations (to conform with the recent SDR# changes). Dropped support for old SDR# versions, Only supports the current build.
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Recently Eddie MacDonald has been pumping out simple but useful plugins for SDR# including the SDR# Dark Mode and Visual Tuner Knob plugins. Recently he released a new plugin called 'FFT Window Screen Grabber'. This plugin simply helps you to easily take a screenshot of the FFT and waterfall displays in SDR#. The FMSuite Frequency Manager + Scanner is a free plugin designed for use within the SDR# software application. It delivers a full-featured frequency management tool permitting you to edit and browse frequencies and to scan ranges of frequencies or groups of frequencies that you define.


The bulletin board channel for STD C on Alphasat is on 1537.1000MHz. From that you will get the list of active channels and the Ground transmitting station each is associated with (loads of documentation available via Inmarsat website .....though they can't decide if they want to use hex or octal for station IDs, old or new region IDs etc... so be aware of that and that the decoders are also different...Tekmanoid uses new region names, scytale-c uses old ones)
The signals will likley be weaker than the Classic Aero you have already decoded.
Depending where abouts you are (I'm guessing UK) you might also be able to pick up Inmarsat 3F5 but for std-c off that your patches are very unlikley to give a good signal unless mounted on a dish (in which case remember polarity matters)
The best 'hobby' decoder is but that is not free.
In terms of message types decoded the next best would be Tekmanoid (not free, not even a basic demo version available to test).
scytale-c has other possible advantages if you don't need all the message types - it's easier to set it up to monitor all of your available std-C channels, it is (possibly) more actively in development. For most people the biggest advantage is that you aren't asked to pay the developer for his time and effort. Alex will certainly appreciate feedback on what he has done so far as he teaches himself about the math(s).
There are plenty of other decoders but they are generally aimed at a more professional market and thus expensive or else the std-c is a kind of half-hearted add in (multipsk springs to mind...great software, hideous gui, ok for EGCs)
For scytale-C to maintain a good lock it needs a good signal. The same is true of Tekmanoid though it is slightly more forgiving. Scytale-c autotune also works better using a larger bandwidth than it ought to need...but it will work well given those two things. You can easily set up both decoders to comapre them
Setup - for scytale-c you can use the sdrsharp plugin and the quick-ui - no need to download the standalone decoder unless you plan to use it with a different audio source (eg multiple virtual audio cables). For Tekmanoid you'd probably use a virtual cable as you have for Classic Aero. In sdrsharp Modulation USB, bandwidth around 2800Hz (for best autotuning, the signal isn't this wide), audio filter off. Tune to above frequency and start audio. Enable the plugin and you can fine tune by eye or check the auto-tuning box if you prefer to let the software do it. Fire up the scytalke-c quick-ui and ensure the UDP port matches the one that is set in the plugin (from memory 15003 was the default for both). Whatever settings you want for logging/messages/display and then click on the big blue arrow to start it running. You should see the packet number incrementing every 9 seconds and messages appear when they are available.
If you have watched videos of it being set up can you not pause the video repeatedly to give yourself more time (this asumes the videos do actually show you what's what instead of the usual goontube rubbish that serve as scrounging revenue generators rather than being detailed overview/setup of software).
No idea if groupsIO has a PM function but if it does feel free to ask questions via that method as this isn't really sdrsharp discussion.

What is DSDPlusUI?

DSDPlusUI is a free, feature packed Graphical User Interface created by Annunaki - M6UFR, This program was created to increase the User Experience of DSD+ Public and Fastlane releases by way of a 'clickable' GUI and is supported on x86/64 desktop and tablet platforms.

I hope you find this great Program useful, If you do please consider donating (not required but nice :D) to show your support to the project!

Note: DSDPlusUI is NOT affiliated with DSD+ in any way, This project is solely created by Annunaki - M6UFR for use with DSD+ and the associated bundled programs (FMPx, LRRP and Survey etc). If you like DSD+ and are not yet on the Fastlane release then I recommend that you support the developers and purchase the Fastlane release you will not regret it!


While the Public release of DSD+ is good still it is very old and extremely outdated and there have been many many improvements and features added to the Fastlane release, It costs just $10 for a years worth of updates or $25 for lifetime updates which is an absolute bargain!. So go on show your support to the developers and get on the Fastlane.

Details on how to get on the Fastlane are contained within the DSDPlus.txt file right at the bottom of the document.

DSD+ can be used with most popular receivers (Airspy, RTL-SDR and SDRPlay) with the correct drivers but personally I recommend the Airspy r2 receiver because well lets put it this way it is a fantastic bit of kit which combined with the above is another purchase that you will NOT regret.

Sdrsharp Plugins Auto Tune Software

You can use DSD+ with Airspys SDRSharp (another piece of awesome software) but you will need to use a Virtual Audio cable which can get a little bit messy and produce bad decoding of digital streams but I highly recommend using FMPA (via TCP linking FMPA to DSD+) which has been designed specifically for use with Airspy.