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Ella Mae Lentz, Ken Mikos, and Cheri Smith

8 1/2 x 11 Student workbook, 2 DVDs, 12 month video library access code


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Signing Naturally Units 7-12 Student Set

Designed to give students a deeper insight into ASL and Deaf culture,Signing Naturally Units 7-12 Student Workbook offers homework assignments that support what you've learned in the classroom. Signing Naturally Units 7-12 Student Workbook also features Deaf culture articles and profiles of legendary Deaf leaders. There's also a topic index to help you find signs and information easily.

Signing Naturally Units 1-6, details page contains introductory videos from the Signing Naturally authors explaining the materials and how to use them! Also find lesson plans, sample syllabus and more! Signing Naturally Units 7-12, details page contains a link to in-depth training videos and demonstrations from the authors.

The Signing Naturally Units 7-12 Student Workbook also includes over seven hours of ASL video material on two DVDs, signed by 13 skilled native signers. 12 month Video Library access included with each purchase of a new set!
Signing Naturally Units 7-12 Student Workbook is everything you need to bring your ASL skills BEYOND the classroom!

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Signing Naturally Units 7 12 Dvd DownloadSigning Naturally Units 7 12 Dvd Download

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