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OS X Yosemite Windows Skin Pack works on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8. It supports both x64 and x86 so you should choose the type of skin pack corresponding to you windows 7 type. Windows 7 Naruto Theme (2015 Update) Here are some Windows 7 Anime Themes. This Naruto themepack comes with Naruto Wallpapers, Naruto Cursors and of course a bunch of desktop icons. Microsoft has released bubble theme for windows 7. This theme is very interesting to used. Desktop wallpaper display about bubbles so the kids will like this. Besides that, the screen saver show as a bubbles that can move on the desktop like a real bubbles. If you want to bubbules screen saver and bubbles theme you can use follow link to download. Box art of Windows 8.1 Pro DSP Memorial Pack with a group of OS-tans from left to right: Claudia Microsoft Azure, Yuu and Ai Windows 8.1, and Nanami Madobe Windows 7 OS-tan is an Internet meme consisting of moe anthropomorphs of popular operating systems, originating on the Japanese imageboard Futaba Channel. A Windows 7 theme is nothing but a collection of wallpapers, visual styles, screensaver and some windows settings which gives a unique feel to your desktop. You can change settings of some visual elements like Window border color, different windows sounds and create a new environment – in short a unique Windows 7 theme.

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Here you can download all Windows 7 Themes, Windows 8 Themes from (free for private / non-commercial use). All Themes are optimized for Full-HD devices.

- 3D and Abstract: This gallery contains 3D, animation, and some abstract art Themes for Windows 7.

- Computer & Games: Here you will find Computer and Game Themes, such as Microsoft Windows- or Apples Mac OS X-Style Themes.

- Cars & Bikes: Find great car and bike Desktop Slideshows (Windows 7 Themes) in this gallery.

- Holiday and Seasons: Holiday and Season Windows 7 Themes, christmas, newjahr, valentines day and more.

Windows 7 Anime Themes Packs


- Life and Archtitecture: Windows 7 Themes like Cities, Buildings, Life Situations, free in this gallery.

- Movie and Music Themes: Themes based on Film, TV, Movie, Music and Bands, free to download here.

- Mystic & Fantasy: Mystic and Fantasy Style Themes, fairies, demons, mystic shadows, and more.

- Nature and Animals: In this gallery you will find nature and animal Themes, like Waterfalles, Mountains, Beaches, Cats and Dogs.

- Sci-Fi & Space Themes: This gallery contains Space and Sci-Fi style Windows 7 Slideshows, such as planets, orbits and spaceships.

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Microsoft's Japanese subsidiary wants to unusual way to draw attention to the in-house search engine Bing. Since Anime characters are extremely popular in Japan, there is a series of theme packages released, showing manga characters.
A total of five theme packs are available for free download. They each contain a number of background images that show an anime lady. There are several variants available, with a range of full-bosomed vamp up to chastise Business Lady.
The theme packages are diverse in sound files that replace the standard Windows sounds. If, therefore, for example, a fatal error occurs, it is not only issued a simple warning. Instead, an excited woman's voice makes in Japanese attention to a problem.
For users of Windows XP and Windows Vista, Microsoft Japan is the sound files available for download individually. The files can then be assigned by hand, certain system events. This works on Windows 7 of course automatically. The new theme packs are likely to be primarily of interest to anime fans.
Download: Windows 7 Anime Theme Packs by Bing Japan

Windows 7 Anime Themes Packet

Download: Complete Package (30MB)

Windows 7 Anime Themes Package

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Windows 7 Anime Themes Packaging